What are the benefits?

There are SO MANY benefits to cloud accounting! 

1.      You don’t have to worry about technical issues – like software upgrades, do you have enough storage space on your hard drive, and what happens if your computer is compromised or breaks down?  None of these things are your problem!  Quickbooks Online automatically upgrades the software as necessary, with no impact to you.  Quickbooks Online also stores all of your data on their secure servers so you never have to worry about running out of space.  You will never lose data if your computer crashes because none of your data is stored on your personal computer.  You don’t have to worry about safeguarding your data from hackers – Quickbooks Online takes care of that as well.  Your data is very securely stored and encrypted with 128-bit technology (the same used by online banking).  You also never have to worry about backing up your data – Quickbooks Online takes care of that too.

2.      You are no longer chained to your desk.  Because you can access your books anywhere that you have an internet connection, you can work from your home, car, boat, plane, a beach in the Caribbean, your mother-in-laws’s house, the local Starbucks, or wherever tickles your fancy.  You can even access your data from your phone. 

3.      Similarly (and more important, at least to us!), we are no longer chained to your desk!  We can access your data and do your books from wherever we happen to be as well.  You are not paying us to drive to your office, you don’t need to worry about finding us a desk to work at.  And you don’t need to waste your time coming to our office.

4.      Your information is at your fingertips – literally!  You can see your favourite reports instantly from wherever you are, even on your phone.  Need to know right now which customer has not yet paid you – it’s there.  Need to see if you have paid that bill yet?  The answer is one click away.  Love to watch your income grow each month on a graph that’s blue?  We can do that.

5.      You can easily give access to whomever needs it.  In the past if your accounting software was loaded onto the one desktop computer in the office, only one person could access it at a time and they needed to be physically there in front of the computer to log in.  Now, you can grant access to whomever needs it, wherever they are. 

6.      Cloud accounting is also paperless!  Think of all the trees your are saving! 

7.      And, probably most important for you – it’s far more economical than traditional software!  You know exactly what your monthly cost is, and never have to worry about unexpected expenses like hardware breakdowns or outdated unsupported software.